Registration, help

1 Choose "register" from the top menu or the side menu.

2 Fill in all the fields

User name has to be unique. If you try to register with a name already in use, you'll be noticed and asked to change it. The following characters are not allowed in the user name:
space, %, #, /, \, @, , ', ?, =, &

3 Press the "register" button. We will now send you an email to the adress you gave. This is to make sure that the adress is yours and that it actually works. There is a link in the email to an activation page. Click on the link or copy it to the web browser to activate your account.

Some users never get the activation email. This is usually do to spam filters in the email program. Check your spam inbox. If this is not the case, send an email to and notify us, and we'll activate your account manually.