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About the Feritage database


Feritage was developed to try and get a survey on the Scandinavian ferret lines. It's was an attempt to try and map out the lines we had, where the problems lay, and to make it easier for breeders to find good breeding ferrets. At the same time ferret owners could get to know their ferrets' heritage and learn more about genetical problems and strengths in their ferrets. In the last years, lots of ferrets from other European countries have been added, and they are more than welcome.

Who made this thing?

Feritage was developed by me, Marit Nybakken, former ferret owner and permanent nerd, around 2006-2007. Since then, there has been a few updates and new features. But the basic structure is very dated, and should be replaced. I don't have the time. Sorry.

This is still a one woman operation. I maintain the database, answer the emails and try to make reasonable decisions when you can't agree about something. I have no ferrets anymore, I have never bred a single ferret, and I don't know any breeders. I don't have a horse (or ferret) in this race. :)

I have a problem, what do I do?

Email I usually respond within a day. I understand Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and English. Everything else will be run through Google Translate.