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Folly Bridge Ferretry

Owned by: FollyBridge (Rosanna Doyle)
Residence: Bath
Country: United kingdom
Web site:
Started in: 2013
Description: Breeder of angora, semi and standard kits. Focus on good linea, good noses in the angora and a focus on silver and black colourations. Babies only available to vetted loving homes.
Goal: Better noses in the full angora, healthy, happy kits for loving pet homes, without inbreeding. Breeding homes at our discretion.

Ferrets from this breeder

Arietty Clock
Folly Bridge's Artemis : Artemis
Folly Bridge's Arya (retired) : Arya
Folly Bridge's Balerion : Balerion the black dread
Follybridge Ferret’s Maurice : Bear
FollyBridge's Chocowein Jr. : Bowser
Folly Bridge's Caraxes : Caraxes
FB's Brick Top : Cillian
Folly Bridge's Obscurus : Darwin
Folly Bridge’s Dickcissel : Dickcissel
Folly Bridge's Didi : Didi
FB's Dragonfly : Dragon
Folly Bridge's Drogön : Drogön
Folly Bridge’s Falla Bella : Ellie
Folly Bridge's Ezra : Ezra
Folly Bridge's Fat Mike : Fat Mike
FB's Ferus Olin : Ferus
Fio Piccolo
Folly Bridge's Floki : Floki
River : Folly Bridge's Rivendell
Kael : Folly Bridge’s Kael
Parsnip : Folly Bridge’s Parsnip
Snakebite : Folly Bridge’s Snakebite
FollyBridge's Gogo Yubari : Gogo
Folly Bridge's Hedgepig : Hedgepig
Folly Bridge’s Golden Hind : Hesta
FB's Gavroche : Impi
FB's Jax : Jaxy
Folly Bridge's Jellylorum : Jellylorum
FB's Jiji : Jiji
Folly Bridge's Jody Domergue : Jody
Follybridge Ferret's General Ursus : Kero
Lady Eboshi
Folly Bridge's Mango Peach Salsa : Mango Peach Salsa
Folly Bridge'e Menace : Menace
Folly Bridge's Mannix : Minx
Folly Bridge's Morlish Veed : Mo
Folly Bridge's Mooncalf : Mooncalf
Folly bridge Narcissa? : Narcissa
Folly Bridge’s Faroe Pony : Nellie
Folly Bridge's Niffler : Niffler
Folly Bridge's Garden Sweet Pea : Pea
FollyBridge's Phoenix : Phe
Follybridge Ferret’s Grizabella : Pixie
Porco Rosso
Folly Bridge's Along Came Polly : Princess Polly
Folly Bridge's Porcupette : Princess Porcupette
Folly Bridge's Smashing Pumpkins : Princess Pumpkin
Folly Bridge's Ravioli : Ravioli
Cuban Mojito : Ren
Folly Bridge's Rumpus : Rumpus
Folly Bridge's Seasmoke : Seasmoke
Folly Bridge Ripper : Severus
Folly Bridge's Sixgun : Sixgun Radio
Folly Bridge's Syrax : Syrax
FollyBridge's Thor : Thor
Folly Bridge’s Bananaquit : Tuulikki
Folly Bridge's Warlander : Warlander
FB's Wunderpus Photogenicus : Wunderpus
Folly Bridge's Dreamfyre : Zola