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Folly Bridge Ferretry

Owned by: FollyBridge (Rosanna Doyle)
Residence: Bath
Country: United kingdom
Web site:
Started in: 2013
Description: Breeder of angora, semi and standard kits. Focus on good linea, good noses in the angora and a focus on silver and black colourations. Babies only available to vetted loving homes.
Goal: Better noses in the full angora, healthy, happy kits for loving pet homes, without inbreeding. Breeding homes at our discretion.

Ferrets from this breeder

Andean Cock of the Rock
Arietty Clock
Folly Bridge's Artemis : Artemis
Folly Bridge's Arya (retired) : Arya
Folly Bridge's Balerion : Balerion the black dread
Follybridge Ferret’s Maurice : Bear
FollyBridge's Chocowein Jr. : Bowser
Folly Bridge's Caraxes : Caraxes
FB's Brick Top : Cillian
Folly Bridge's Obscurus : Darwin
Folly Bridge’s Dickcissel : Dickcissel
Folly Bridge's Didi : Didi
FB's Dragonfly : Dragon
Folly Bridge's Drogön : Drogön
Folly Bridge’s Falla Bella : Ellie
Folly Bridge's Ezra : Ezra
Folly Bridge's Fat Mike : Fat Mike
FB's Ferus Olin : Ferus
Fio Piccolo
Folly Bridge's Floki : Floki
River : Folly Bridge's Rivendell
Kael : Folly Bridge’s Kael
Parsnip : Folly Bridge’s Parsnip
Snakebite : Folly Bridge’s Snakebite
FollyBridge's Gogo Yubari : Gogo
Folly Bridge's Hedgepig : Hedgepig
Folly Bridge’s Golden Hind : Hesta
FB's Gavroche : Impi
FB's Jax : Jaxy
Folly Bridge's Jellylorum : Jellylorum
FB's Jiji : Jiji
Folly Bridge's Jody Domergue : Jody
Follybridge Ferret's General Ursus : Kero
Lady Eboshi
Folly Bridge's Mango Peach Salsa : Mango Peach Salsa
Folly Bridge'e Menace : Menace
Folly Bridge's Mannix : Minx
Folly Bridge's Morlish Veed : Mo
Folly Bridge's Mooncalf : Mooncalf
Folly bridge Narcissa? : Narcissa
Folly Bridge’s Faroe Pony : Nellie
Folly Bridge's Niffler : Niffler
Folly Bridge's Garden Sweet Pea : Pea
FollyBridge's Phoenix : Phe
Follybridge Ferret’s Grizabella : Pixie
Porco Rosso
Folly Bridge's Along Came Polly : Princess Polly
Folly Bridge's Porcupette : Princess Porcupette
Folly Bridge's Smashing Pumpkins : Princess Pumpkin
Folly Bridge's Ravioli : Ravioli
Cuban Mojito : Ren
Folly Bridge's Rumpus : Rumpus
Folly Bridge's Seasmoke : Seasmoke
Folly Bridge Ripper : Severus
Folly Bridge's Sixgun : Sixgun Radio
Folly Bridge's Syrax : Syrax
FollyBridge's Thor : Thor
Folly Bridge’s Bananaquit : Tuulikki
Folly Bridge's Warlander : Warlander
Folly Bridge Wunderpus Photogenicus : Wunderpus
Folly Bridge's Dreamfyre : Zola