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Dashing Ferrets

Owned by: Susan (Susan Eriksson)
Residence: Almunge
Country: Sweden
Web site:
Started in: 2006
Description: Ferretry is located in Almunge outside Uppsala Sweden. Breeds mainly black and dark sable ferrets
Goal: I engaged in a domestic breeding of ferrets with long-term breeding goals. The aim is to produce sound, healthy long-lived individuals with a stable psyche. Active and inteligenta ferrets suitable as pets.I has focused on colors like dark sable, blacks, and eventually even dark chocolate. One of the goals is to breed in as little white marked animals as possible in the pedigree, to over time get rid of them completely. The type I strive for is a stable bodymass and a round a bit heavier head without losing the look.

Ferrets from this breeder

Dashing Ash : Ash
Dashing Babe : Babe
Dashing Ferrets Only one : Charlie
Dashing Destiny : Dessie
Dashing Beauty : Esther
Dashing Ferrets Marvelous Grim : Grim
Dashing Junior : Junior
Dashing Ferrets Magical Katla : Katla
Dashing Dreamer : Mimer
Dashing Ferrets Little Ygritte : Molly
Dashing Chanyana : Moona
Dashing Ferrets New Beginning : Neera
Dashing Ferrets Nova : Nova
Dashing Ferrets Painkiller : Painkiller
Dashing Ferrets Passion Pearl : Pearl
Dashing Ferrets Kiss of Midnight Rambler : Rambler
Dashing Ferrets Perfect Storm : Storm
Dashing Chaaya :
Dashing Ferrets Lady of the light :
Dashing Ferrets Lagertha :
Dashing Ferrets Loveliest Freya :