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11754 Fairoak's Tempest : Tempest

Pedigree name: Fairoak's Tempest
Owned by: Fairoak Ferrets
Sex: tispe
Mother: Aperture Sciences GLaDOS at Fairoak ( GLaDOS )
Father: Mork ( Mork )
Country: United kingdom
Colour: champagne
Eye colour: brown
Fur type: short haired
Wild ferret/polecat: 0.0%
Born: 26/4/2015
Died: 4/3/2022
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Breeder: Fairoak Ferrets
Web page:
Weight 1kg


Full siblings

Name Pedigree name Registered by
Pacman Fairoak's Pac-man Fairoak Ferrets
Frenzy Fairoak's Frenzy Fairoak Ferrets
Pong Fairoak's Pong Fairoak Ferrets
Q*Bert Fairoak's Q*Bert Fairoak Ferrets
Tetris Fairoak's Tetris Fairoak Ferrets
Scrabble Fairoak's Scrabble Fairoak Ferrets
Boggle Fairoak's Boggle Fairoak Ferrets
Twister Fairoak's Twister Fairoak Ferrets
Jenga Fairoak's Jenga Fairoak Ferrets
Cluedo Fairoak's Cluedo Fairoak Ferrets
Uno Fairoak's Uno Fairoak Ferrets

Half siblings

Name Pedigree name Common parent Registered by
Chell Fairoak's Chell Aperture Sciences GLaDOS at Fairoak Fairoak Ferrets
Cave Johnson Fairoak's Cave Johnson Aperture Sciences GLaDOS at Fairoak Fairoak Ferrets
Champ Bear SharLowes Champ Bear Mork Leanne Lowes
Daydream Bear SharLowes Daydream Bear Mork Leanne Lowes
Baby Tugs Bear SharLowes Baby Tugs Bear Mork Leanne Lowes
Thanks-a-lot Bear SharLowes Thanks-a-lot Bear Mork Leanne Lowes
Laugh-a-lot Bear SharLowes Laugh-a-lot Mork Leanne Lowes
Cheer Bear SharLowes Cheer Bear Mork Leanne Lowes
Baby Hugs Bear SharLowes Baby Hugs Bear Mork Leanne Lowes
Matilda SharLowes Harmony Bear Mork Leanne Lowes
Funshine Bear SharLowes Funshine Bear Mork Leanne Lowes
Marla SharLowes Love-a-lot Bear Mork Leanne Lowes
Share Bear SharLowes Share Bear Mork Leanne Lowes
Mystique SharLowes Mystique Mork Leanne Lowes
Jean SharLowes Jean Mork Leanne Lowes
Callisto SharLowes Callisto Mork Leanne Lowes
Rogue SharLowes Rogue Mork Leanne Lowes
Pyslocke SharLowes Pyslocke Mork Leanne Lowes
Mona The Vampire SharLowes Storm Mork Leanne Lowes
Juggernaut SharLowes Juggernaut Mork Leanne Lowes
Wolverine SharLowes Wolverine Mork Leanne Lowes
Cyclops SharLowes Cyclops Mork Leanne Lowes
Gambit SharLowes Gambit Mork Leanne Lowes
Snow DCF's Snow Secret Mork Cilleborgs Ferrets
no name DCF's Queen of the Meadow Mork Marianne Eriksen
Posset SharLowes Lemon Posset Mork Leanne Lowes
Red Velvet SharLowes Red Velvet Mork Leanne Lowes
Muffin SharLowes Blueberry Muffin Mork Leanne Lowes
Fudge Brownie SharLowes Fudge Brownie Mork Leanne Lowes
Chocolate Souffle SharLowes Chocolate Soufflé Mork Leanne Lowes
Cherry Bakewell SharLowes Cherry Bakewell Mork Leanne Lowes
Marmaduke SharLowes Eton Mess Mork Leanne Lowes
Lemon Posset Sharlowe's Lemon Posset @ Folly Bridge Mork Rosanna Doyle


Name Pedigree name Father Registered by
Aloy Fairoak's Aloy FT's Ezio Auditore Da Furetti at Fairoak - Fairoak Ferrets