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12957 Augustus

Owned by: Susi
Sex: hanne
Mother: Papaye
Father: Tan'jala
Country: Italy
Colour: cinnamon
Eye colour: green
Fur type: full angora
Wild ferret/polecat: 2.734375%
Neutered: not neutered
Born: 6/5/2015
Breeder: crustyfufuteam
Web page:
Microchip id number: 250268731388206


Full siblings

Name Pedigree name Registered by
TweeDee Tweedle Dee crustyfufuteam
Absolem - crustyfufuteam
Mirana - crustyfufuteam
Nefertiti Mallymkun crustyfufuteam
Iracebeth - crustyfufuteam
Milah Aprilla crustyfufuteam
Bilbo Yamaha crustyfufuteam
Honda Honda crustyfufuteam
Wildlife Kawa crustyfufuteam
Violette - lileauxfarfadets
Kalokairi Bayard crustyfufuteam
Dum Tweedle Dum crustyfufuteam

Half siblings

Name Pedigree name Common parent Registered by
San Cristobal Gansta enigma Gabin Tan'jala crustyfufuteam
Rune of joy Gangsta Enigma Augustine Tan'jala Susi
Joy Gansta enigma Bearis Tan'jala crustyfufuteam
Leďa Milah Tan'jala crustyfufuteam
Flora Cora Tan'jala crustyfufuteam
Magma-ly Jefferson Tan'jala crustyfufuteam
Ruby Ruby Tan'jala crustyfufuteam
no name Rumplestiltskin Tan'jala crustyfufuteam
Baelfire Baelfire Tan'jala crustyfufuteam
Leroy Leroy Tan'jala crustyfufuteam
Granny Granny Tan'jala crustyfufuteam
Ti-Sumo Sumo Tan'jala crustyfufuteam
Dilemme - Tan'jala crustyfufuteam
Hope - Tan'jala crustyfufuteam
Zelena - Tan'jala crustyfufuteam
Boo wicked witch Tan'jala crustyfufuteam
Marley Hook Tan'jala crustyfufuteam
Bounty Robin hood Tan'jala crustyfufuteam


Name Pedigree name Mother Registered by
Moses Moses Belli&Monelli*IT Tanganica Ferret Vendetta*It - eva37
Tequila Belli e Monelli Tequila Belli e Monelli Melody - Susi
Armandino Armandino Belli&Monelli*IT Belli e Monelli Melody - eva37
Rosinka Rosinka from Goblins of Vienna Mirabela-Ani from Goblins of Vienna - gabriel
Baby Doll Baby Doll from Goblins of Vienna Mirabela-Ani from Goblins of Vienna - gabriel
Kashmir Mr Perfekt from Goblins of Vienna Mirabela-Ani from Goblins of Vienna - Syberian Monsters
JordanXAugustus - Campanellina Belli&Monelli from Italy - Saddy
Moses - Renn of Speedy's Generation*Austria - Susi