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16714 Folly Bridge's Omelette : Omelette

Pedigree name: Folly Bridge's Omelette
Registered by: Rosanna Doyle
Sex: tispe
Mother: Legacy of Ferret's Infinity ( Egglantine (retired) )
Father: Funny Pet Ferret's Opalo ( Opalo )
Colour: chocolate
Eye colour: blue
Fur type: long haired
Wild ferret/polecat: 0.0%
Neutered: not neutered
Disposition: chocolate solid
semi angora


Half siblings

Name Pedigree name Common parent Registered by
Gogo FollyBridge's Gogo Yubari Funny Pet Ferret's Opalo Rosanna Doyle
Hedgepig Folly Bridge's Hedgepig Legacy of Ferret's Infinity Susan Cheah
Dragon FB's Dragonfly Legacy of Ferret's Infinity Este van Heerden
Sixgun Radio Folly Bridge's Sixgun Funny Pet Ferret's Opalo Rosanna Doyle
Princess Pumpkin Folly Bridge's Smashing Pumpkins Funny Pet Ferret's Opalo Susan Cheah
Jody Folly Bridge's Jody Domergue Funny Pet Ferret's Opalo Rosanna Doyle
Minx Folly Bridge's Mannix Funny Pet Ferret's Opalo Lily Tanner
Didi Folly Bridge's Didi Funny Pet Ferret's Opalo Rosanna Doyle
Fat Mike Folly Bridge's Fat Mike Funny Pet Ferret's Opalo FantasticFerrets
punk - Funny Pet Ferret's Opalo lota


Name Pedigree name Father Registered by
Darwin Folly Bridge's Obscurus Angelic Ferret's Ginger - Becki Ensell
Pixie Follybridge Ferret’s Grizabella Folly Bridge's Harrison - chloemorleyf
Jellylorum Folly Bridge's Jellylorum Folly Bridge's Harrison - Rosanna Doyle
Rumpus Folly Bridge's Rumpus Folly Bridge's Harrison - Lily Tanner
Princess Porcupette Folly Bridge's Porcupette Angelic Ferret's Ginger - Susan Cheah
Mooncalf Folly Bridge's Mooncalf Angelic Ferret's Ginger - Rosanna Doyle
Niffler Folly Bridge's Niffler Angelic Ferret's Ginger - Rosanna Doyle