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17785 It's All About Gulliver : Gulliver

Pedigree name: It's All About Gulliver
Owned by: Maja Conc
Sex: hanne
Mother: Yellowbelly Alice from Wonderland ( Alice )
Father: Nostrofuretti Bacardi ( Gusztav )
Country: Slovenia
Colour: sable
Eye colour: black
Pattern: none
Fur type: short haired
Wild ferret/polecat: 41.796875%
Suprelorin implants 25/7/2019
Born: 14/4/2017
Died: 24/9/2021
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Breeder: It's All About Ferrets
Web page:
A preventive specialistic cardiological exam performed in May 2018 (Pavel Kvapil, DVM EBVS) - all normal, no morphological or functional changes were found. / vasectomised (25. 7. 2019)


Full siblings

Name Pedigree name Registered by
Marley It's All About Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Maja Conc
Winnie It's All About Winnie-the-Pooh Maja Conc
Pan It's All About Peter Pan Maja Conc
Khan It's All About Shere Khan Maja Conc
Wizz It's All About Wizzard of Oz Maja Conc
Pippi It's All About Pippi Longstocking Maja Conc
Oona It's All About Little Red Riding Hood Maja Conc
Lyra It's All About Lyra Belacqua Maja Conc
GA - litter pedigree - Maja Conc

Medical history

Case Date Confirmed by vet
abscess 2019 yes
Other comments
He developed an abscess on upper jaw (right side) as a consequence of puncture wound with turkey bone. Abscess healed after an antibiotic treatment, but one of his upper molars had to be removed.
Case Date Confirmed by vet
Suprelorin implant 4.7mg 25/7/2019 no
Other comments
Case Date Confirmed by vet
Heat stroke 1/8/2021 yes
Case Date Confirmed by vet
Heart failure 22/9/2021 yes
Case Date Confirmed by vet
dilated cardiomyopathy, Heart 22/9/2021 yes