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20526 Banditos of Blairadam: Orris : Orris

Pedigree name: Banditos of Blairadam: Orris
Owned by: StephShaw
Sex: hanne
Mother: By The Waterside: Hazelburn ( Dorothy )
Father: Shrek vom Amourde Furet ( Caillan )
Country: United kingdom
Colour: black self
Eye colour: blue
Pattern: mitt
Fur type: long haired
Wild ferret/polecat: 25.0%
Born: 16/4/2018
Breeder: Banditos of Blairadam
Disposition: Proven angora gene carrier.


Full siblings

Name Pedigree name Registered by
Cassia Banditos of Blairadam: Cassia StephShaw
Angelica Banditos of Blairadam: Angelica StephShaw
Fennel Banditos of Blairadam: Fennel StephShaw
Cardamon Banditos of Blairadam: Cardamom StephShaw
Juniper Banditos of Blairadam: Juniper StephShaw
Coriander Banditos of Blairadam: Coriander StephShaw
Bill Bean Banditos of Blairadam: Cubeb StephShaw

Half siblings

Name Pedigree name Common parent Registered by
Wyatt Leawoods Wyatt Shrek vom Amourde Furet Rebecca Lea
Blake Leawoods Blake Shrek vom Amourde Furet Rebecca Lea
Calder Leawoods Calder Shrek vom Amourde Furet Rebecca Lea
Canaletto Leawoods Canaletto Shrek vom Amourde Furet Rebecca Lea
Lishka Leawoods Chianti Shrek vom Amourde Furet Rebecca Lea
Matisse Leawoods Syrah Shrek vom Amourde Furet Rebecca Lea
Brachetto Leawoods Brachetto Shrek vom Amourde Furet Rebecca Lea
MD - By The Waterside: Hazelburn StephShaw


Name Pedigree name Mother Registered by
Bombay Sapphire Banditos of Blairadam: Bombay Sapphire Tinker - StephShaw
Tanqueray Banditos of Blairadam: Tanqueray Tinker - StephShaw
Eden Mill Banditos of Blairadam: Eden Mill Tinker - StephShaw
Darnley Banditos of Blairadam: Darnley Tinker - StephShaw
Ophir Banditos of Blairadam: Ophir Tinker - Chloe Townsend
Joe Exotic Banditos of Blairadam Joe Exotic Tinker - StephShaw
John Finlay Banditos of Blairadam John Finlay Tinker - StephShaw
That B***h Carole Baskin Banditos of Blairadam That B***h Carole Baskin Tinker - StephShaw
Lauren Lowe Banditos of Blairadam Lauren Lowe Tinker - StephShaw
tink & orris - Tinker - Lucy Rose