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22187 Shadowtails' Salt in the Wound : Pyry

Pedigree name: Shadowtails' Salt in the Wound
Registered by: Hanna Heinonen
Sex: hanne
Mother: Asser Hunter's Svärd ( Shea )
Father: ACH's Eocarcharia ( Coco )
Country: Finland
Colour: champagne
Eye colour: black
Pattern: none
Fur type: short haired
Wild ferret/polecat: 3.125%
Neutered: not neutered
Born: 29/4/2019
Breeder: Shadowtails' Ferrets


Full siblings

Name Pedigree name Registered by
Jasu Shadowtails' Original Sin Hanna Heinonen
Rihe Shadowtails' Raising Hell Hanna Heinonen
Mortimer Shadowtails' Day of Wrath Hanna Heinonen
Rambo Shadowtails' Love is a Devil Hanna Heinonen

Half siblings

Name Pedigree name Common parent Registered by
Gizmo Asser Hunter's Gizmo Asser Hunter's Svärd Maria Krane
Mogge Asser Hunter's Mogwai Asser Hunter's Svärd Erika Ek
Jörmungandr Asser Hunter's Stripe Asser Hunter's Svärd Peter Kaseva
Greta Asser Hunter's Greta Asser Hunter's Svärd Peter Kaseva
Kira Asser Hunter's Kira Asser Hunter's Svärd Hanna Heinonen
Jekku Asser Hunter's Mohawk Asser Hunter's Svärd Jonna Toljamo
Electric Asser Hunter's Electric Asser Hunter's Svärd Michaela Besedová
Aino Asser Hunter's Viper Asser Hunter's Svärd Peter Kaseva
Cyrus Asser Hunter's Cyrus Asser Hunter's Svärd Peter Kaseva