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24047 HJWs Penny : Penny

Pedigree name: HJWs Penny
Owned by: Bex Wickens
Sex: tispe
Mother: RAFs Mitzy ( Mitzy- Star of the Sea )
Father: FBF Koba ( Koba )
Country: United kingdom
Colour: cinnamon
Wild ferret/polecat: 7.03125%
Born: 28/5/2019
Breeder: HJW Ferrets


Full siblings

Name Pedigree name Registered by
Miyoko FBFs Miyoko Frisky Business Ferretry
Kenya Kenya Kizzy Bex Wickens
Howard HJWs Howard MarFURlous
Jackson HJWs Leonard Bex Wickens
Sheldon HJWs Sheldon Bex Wickens
Rajesh HJWs Rajesh Bex Wickens

Half siblings

Name Pedigree name Common parent Registered by
Aqua Aqua Marine FBF Koba Bex Wickens
Kuni RAFs Kuni FBF Koba Frisky Business Ferretry
Kobain RAFs Kobain FBF Koba Bobbie
Rocket RAFs Rocket FBF Koba Jamie Pascoe
Jax RAFs Jax FBF Koba Bobbie
Choc mitt RAFs choc mitt semi hob FBF Koba Bobbie
Zouwo RAFs Zouwo FBF Koba Bobbie
Pilsbury - FBF Koba Emmy