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26805 Ssp malia : Malia

Pedigree name: Ssp malia
Owned by: shona-leigh williams
Sex: tispe
Mother: Buttercup at SSP Ferretry ( Buttercup at SSP Ferretry )
Father: Harris atWYF ( Harris )
Country: United kingdom
Colour: chocolate
Pattern: none
Wild ferret/polecat: 9.66796875%
Born: 27/4/2020
Breeder: ssp fuzy ferretry


Full siblings

Name Pedigree name Registered by
Lydia Ssp lydia shona-leigh williams
Kira Ssp kira shona-leigh williams
Cara Ssp cara shona-leigh williams
Alli Ssp alli shona-leigh williams

Half siblings

Name Pedigree name Common parent Registered by
Rusty Anchor Chicken Runís Ginger ByWYF Harris atWYF Bex Wickens
Bisca Chicken Run Litter By Wyf Harris atWYF Heather Johnstone
Summer Ssp Summer Harris atWYF shona-leigh williams
Hope Ssp narla Harris atWYF Anya Barclay
Rafiki Ssp Rafiki Harris atWYF shona-leigh williams
Thunder Ssp Thunder Harris atWYF shona-leigh williams
Lightning Ssp Lightning Harris atWYF shona-leigh williams
Rain Ssp Rain Harris atWYF shona-leigh williams
Wren (Porcelain Doll) The Dulux Cream's By WYF Harris atWYF Anya Barclay
ButterMilk The Dulux Cream's By WYF Harris atWYF West Yorkshire Ferretry
MissTweedy Chicken Run Litter ByWyf Harris atWYF Anya Barclay