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27828 The Winter Litter ByWYF Jack Frost : Mr Whippy

Pedigree name: The Winter Litter ByWYF Jack Frost
Owned by: Shannon Day
Sex: hanne
Mother: Effy atWYF ( Effy )
Father: Disney Villains Hades ByWYF ( Hades )
Country: United kingdom
Colour: albino
Pattern: none
Wild ferret/polecat: 0.5615234375%
Born: 2020
Died: 29/3/2021
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Breeder: West Yorkshire Ferretry


Full siblings

Name Pedigree name Registered by
Olaf The Winter Litter ByWYF West Yorkshire Ferretry

Half siblings

Name Pedigree name Common parent Registered by
Marigold WYF's Marigold Effy atWYF Wendy Standley
Poison Ivy The Comic Book Villains By WYF Disney Villains Hades ByWYF Laura Mackenzie-Hawkins
Pandora Pandora Disney Villains Hades ByWYF Anya Barclay
BuckThorn The Garden Litter ByWYF Effy atWYF West Yorkshire Ferretry


Name Pedigree name Mother Registered by
Raven Fnf’s Callipo Fleming’s Ferrets Sienna - Anya Barclay
Mcflurry FNF’s McFlurry Fleming’s Ferrets Sienna - Shannon Day
Bellatrix FNF’s Flake Fleming’s Ferrets Sienna - Kerriedarliin
Ginny FNF’s Sundae Fleming’s Ferrets Sienna - Kerriedarliin
Crumbelina DiCaramello FNF’ The Handler Squish - DookCityFerretery
Darla FNF’s Grace Squish - Becky Spence
Farren FNF's Lila Squish - Logan Carr
Brock FNF’s Luther Squish - Logan Carr
Ronald FNF’s Diego Squish - Shannon Day
Draco FNF’s Number5 Squish - Kerriedarliin