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3341 DIP <3 Mustela Borealis' Arathan : Hiro

Pedigree name: DIP <3 Mustela Borealis' Arathan
Owned by: Eva Ferret Mehlum
Sex: hanne
Mother: Galaxy's Terra ( Donna )
Father: Hugo
Country: Norway
Colour: albino
Eye colour: red
Pattern: none
Fur type: short haired
Wild ferret/polecat: 0.0%
Neutered: not neutered
Born: 3/8/2008
Died: unknown date of death
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Breeder: Mustela Borealis


Full siblings

Name Pedigree name Registered by
Alazan Mustela Borealis' Alazan Maria Krane
Storm Mustela Borealis' Arthanos Espen Olsen og Anita Brenna
Aimless Mustela Borealis' Aimless Maria Krane
Andii Mustela Borealis' Andii Maria Krane
Apsalar Mustela Borealis' Apsalar Pia Maria Krane
Buus Mustela Borealis' Adaephon Eva Ferret Mehlum
Shila Mustela Borealis' Aranata Eva Ferret Mehlum
Anomander Mustela Borealis' Anomander Maria Krane


Name Pedigree name Mother Registered by
Antana Antananarivo av Bierkaaker Hel - Barn_av_Bierkaaker
Chatka Kamchatka av Bierkaaker Hel - Barn_av_Bierkaaker
Jorek Jan Mayen av Bierkaaker Hel - Barn_av_Bierkaaker
Hassee DIP <3 Tallahassee av Bierkaaker Hel - Eva Ferret Mehlum
Chattanooga Chattanooga av Bierkaaker Hel - Barn_av_Bierkaaker
Chewan Saskatchewan av Bierkaaker Hel - Barn_av_Bierkaaker