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35385 Mustela Borealis' Kaizers Orchestra : Janove

Pedigree name: Mustela Borealis' Kaizers Orchestra
Registered by: Maria Krane
Sex: hanne
Mother: Bobbie the Bobtail ( Bobbi )
Father: Vildingarnas Rahmnus ( Rahmnus )
Country: Norway
Colour: sable
Eye colour: black
Pattern: none
Fur type: short haired
Wild ferret/polecat: 38.28125%
Born: 23/4/2023
Breeder: Mustela Borealis
Web page:
Microchip id number: 578094100175761


Full siblings

Name Pedigree name Registered by
Kvelertak Mustela Borealis' Kvelertak Maria Krane
Kraftwerk Mustela Borealis' Kraftwerk Maria Krane
Kakkmaddafakka Mustela Borealis' Kakkmaddafakka Maria Krane
Karpe Mustela Borealis' Karpe Maria Krane
Kaptein Sabeltann Mustela Borealis' Kaptein Sabeltann Maria Krane
Chanta Mustela Borealis' Käärijä Hanna Auvinen
Kate Bush Mustela Borealis' Kate Bush Maria Krane
Korn Mustela Borealis' Korn Maria Krane
Katy Perry Mustela Borealis' Katy Perry Maria Krane

Half siblings

Name Pedigree name Common parent Registered by
Mustela Borealis' Jolly Jumper - Vildingarnas Rahmnus Maria Krane
Haiku Busyness William Haiku Bobbie the Bobtail BusynessFerretry
Nibbles Busyness Natasha Nibbles Bobbie the Bobtail BusynessFerretry
Amanda Busyness Amanda Blobbie Bobbie the Bobtail BusynessFerretry
Apple Busyness Apple Canoodle Bobbie the Bobtail BusynessFerretry
Lola Busyness Lola Bamboozle Bobbie the Bobtail BusynessFerretry
Leia Mustela Borealis' Leia Organa Vildingarnas Rahmnus Maria Krane
BG2024 - Bobbie the Bobtail Maria Krane