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5944 Mayflowers Charming Molene : Mayflowers Charming Molene

Pedigree name: Mayflowers Charming Molene
Registered by: mariannepetersen
Sex: tispe
Mother: Teasel
Father: Thronos Rokke Amor ( Amor )
Country: Norway
Colour: sable
Pattern: none
Wild ferret/polecat: 1.5625%
Born: 4/6/2010
Breeder: Mayflower Ferrets


Full siblings

Name Pedigree name Registered by
Mayflowers Charming Madeira Mayflowers Charming Madeira mariannepetersen
Mayflowers Charming Misool Mayflowers Charming Misool Ulrika Dahl
Mayflowers Charming Mackay Mayflowers Charming Mackay mariannepetersen
Mayflowers Charming Murano Mayflowers Charming Murano mariannepetersen
Flo Kangee Mayflowers Charming Mallard GALLOU Emma
Majuro Mayflowers Charming Majuro Maria Krane
Mayflowers Charming Mindanao Mayflowers Charming Mindanao mariannepetersen
Mayflowers Charming Malo Mayflowers Charming Malo mariannepetersen

Half siblings

Name Pedigree name Common parent Registered by
Crush StarshineFerrets Crux of Crush Thronos Rokke Amor Elisabeth Jensen
Zeal StarshineFerrets Zeal of Alcor Thronos Rokke Amor Sara Edsler
Antares StarshineFerrets Antares of Ardor Thronos Rokke Amor Sara Edsler
Cepheus StarshineFerrets Cepheus of Passion Thronos Rokke Amor Sara Edsler
Lynx StarshineFerrets Lynx of Delight Thronos Rokke Amor Froya
Sinistra StarshineFerrets Sinistra of Amity Thronos Rokke Amor Sara Edsler
Lyra StarshineFerrets Lyra of Affinity Thronos Rokke Amor Sara Edsler
Navi StarshineFerrets Navi of Seduction Thronos Rokke Amor FerretParadise
Pyxis StarshineFerrets Pyxis of Devotion Thronos Rokke Amor Sara Edsler
aa - Thronos Rokke Amor Sara Edsler