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6015 Sterre von Dancing Whit Ferrets Nl : Sterre

Pedigree name: Sterre von Dancing Whit Ferrets Nl
Registered by: Elisa Benedetti
Sex: tispe
Mother: Bolletjewol van FTJ ( BolletjeWol van FTJ )
Father: Donder Muster ( Donder )
Country: Netherlands
Colour: silver
Pattern: panda
Fur type: full angora
Wild ferret/polecat: 0.0%
Born: 22/5/2008
Breeder: Dancing with Ferrets
Microchip id number: 528246000205035


Half siblings

Name Pedigree name Common parent Registered by
Jordan 'of Panda Ferretery' - Donder Muster Jackanapes Ferrets
Abercrombie Abercrombie Angoraferretry Donder Muster bubblefuzzy
Flugel Flugel Angoraferretry Donder Muster Aurélia
no name Blicksy Donder Muster Vodka
Cocktail - Donder Muster Irina
no name Kentaro Fretamine*NL Donder Muster Vodka
Fretamine's Charlie Brown - Donder Muster Furry Ferrets
muis Muis van Dancing with Ferrets Bolletjewol van FTJ crustyfufuteam
Grey Cloud A magic miracle Donder Muster Gillian Cuthbert


Name Pedigree name Father Registered by
Gabriel Gabriel Mocho van Dancing with ferrets Sylvester von Weikamp - Elisa Benedetti