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8783 Boon Andris Ferrets : Boon

Pedigree name: Boon Andris Ferrets
Registered by: bubblefuzzy
Sex: hanne
Mother: Ceana FutuFerrets ( Ceana )
Father: Darchien Natchan ASC Ferret
Country: Poland
Colour: silver
Eye colour: burgundy
Pattern: mitt
Fur type: long haired
Wild ferret/polecat: 0.0%
Neutered: not neutered
Born: 22/4/2012
Breeder: Andris Ferrets


Full siblings

Name Pedigree name Registered by
Bijin Bijin Andris Ferrets Syberian Monsters

Half siblings

Name Pedigree name Common parent Registered by
no name Gisel Kiki SilverStar Darchien Natchan ASC Ferret Elegance-Dream kennel
no name Gladwin Gimli Medový květ (CZ) Darchien Natchan ASC Ferret Istvan& Ferenc Korony
GeeBee GeeBee Genesis Silver Star Darchien Natchan ASC Ferret Argentovivo
Gisel Kiki Gisel Kiki Silver Star*CZ Darchien Natchan ASC Ferret Ferretta Passion*PL
Dexter Brilliant Ferrets Dexter Darchien Natchan ASC Ferret Muszu
Diamond Brilliant Ferrets - Darchien Natchan ASC Ferret Cilleborgs Ferrets
Damien Dreamer Damien Brilliant Ferrets Darchien Natchan ASC Ferret Helena Szöcsová
Debbie BRILLIANT FERRETS DEBBIE Darchien Natchan ASC Ferret jeani


Name Pedigree name Mother Registered by
Tosia Tosia od Diamondferrets Manta od Dziabagi - bubblefuzzy
Twister Twister od Diamond Ferrets Manta od Dziabagi - bubblefuzzy
Gio Orthos' Giotto Magua Mala Mi - bubblefuzzy
Gia Orthos' Gia Magua Mala Mi - bubblefuzzy