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9134 Pirate Glow Cherry Ferrets*DE : Pirate Glow

Pedigree name: Pirate Glow Cherry Ferrets*DE
Registered by: Ferretta Passion*PL
Sex: hanne
Mother: Pharoahe Monch Little Fuzzie Knights and Hair*DE ( Pharoahe Monch )
Father: Shadow Angoraferretry ( Shadow )
Colour: sable
Pattern: mitt
Fur type: full angora
Wild ferret/polecat: 0.0%
Born: 18/7/2007
Breeder: Cherry Ferrets
Ferret club registered number NRF 01148
Microchip id number: 276094190002058


Half siblings

Name Pedigree name Common parent Registered by
Breezer Breezer Angoraferretry Shadow Angoraferretry Aurélia
Amaretto di Saronno Amaretto di Saronno, Angora Ferretry Shadow Angoraferretry victoria
no name Angoraferretry Snow Shadow Angoraferretry Istvan& Ferenc Korony
snow - Shadow Angoraferretry Irina
Sinbad Cherry Ferrets Daft Punk Shadow Angoraferretry Lisa Pratesi
Daverio Daverio from Cherry Ferrets Shadow Angoraferretry eva37


Name Pedigree name Mother Registered by
Jim Beam Jim Beam Fréan Da Carballeira Angoraferretry Safari - Ferretta Passion*PL
no name Danae de Frean da Carballeira Angoraferretry Toppertje - Rita Ribeiro Hellmann
Bianca Fréan Da Carballeira Angoraferretry Safari - Lucy Rose