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9340 Cilleborgs Black Irony Alfalfa : Alfalfa

Pedigree name: Cilleborgs Black Irony Alfalfa
Registered by: Cilleborgs Ferrets
Sex: tispe
Mother: White Delight Anemone
Father: Demien
Country: Denmark
Colour: albino
Pattern: none
Wild ferret/polecat: 12.5%
Suprelorin implants 8/6/2015
Born: 4/3/2013
Died: 15/7/2017
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Breeder: Cilleborgs Ferrets


Full siblings

Name Pedigree name Registered by
Black Magic Bubbles Cilleborgs Black Magic Bubbles Cilleborgs Ferrets
Black fairy Lady Cilleborgs Black fairy Lady Svetlana S.

Half siblings

Name Pedigree name Common parent Registered by
no name Milkyways Sparkling Primrose Demien Marianne Eriksen
Avox Milkyways Avox Demien Tk
Effie Milkyways Effie Demien Sofielykke
no name Milkyways Katniss Rue Demien Marianne Eriksen
Foxy Milkyways Foxface Demien Marianne Eriksen
Pi Milkyways Rebellion Demien Marianne Eriksen
Beetee Milkyways Beetee Demien Tk
Gale Milkyways Gale Demien Marianne Eriksen
Pita Milkyways Peeta Demien Marianne Eriksen
Fritzl Milkyways Catching Fire Demien Marianne Eriksen
Haymitch Milkyways Haymitch Demien Marianne Eriksen
Peace Milkyways Peacekeeper Demien Marianne Eriksen
Jay Milkyways Mockingjay Demien Barky
Cato Milkyways Cato R. Flush Demien Marianne Eriksen
ZZTop Hades Manes ZZTop Demien Svetlana S.
Yoko Hades Manes Yoko Demien Svetlana S.
Maleficent Hades Manes Maleficent Demien Svetlana S.
Azra Hades Manes Azra Demien Svetlana S.
TikTak Hades Manes TikTak Demien Svetlana S.
Tilla Milkyways Tilla Tiara Tamara Demien Marianne Eriksen
Tallulah Milkyways Tallulah Demien Cilleborgs Ferrets
T°ffe Milkyways T°fting Demien MetalFerrets
no name Milkyways Tesla Demien Marianne Eriksen
no name Milkyways Timber Demien Marianne Eriksen
Koda Milkyways Thormod Demien Marianne Eriksen


Name Pedigree name Father Registered by
Jose Jalapenˇ Cilleborgs Jose Jalapenˇ Merry - Le Petit Normand of Milkyway - Cilleborgs Ferrets
Tortilla Tex Mex Cilleborgs Tortilla Tex Mex Merry - Le Petit Normand of Milkyway - Cilleborgs Ferrets
Diego Taco Cilleborgs Diego Taco Merry - Le Petit Normand of Milkyway - Cilleborgs Ferrets
Juanitta Helado De Coco Cilleborgs Juanitta Helado De Coco Merry - Le Petit Normand of Milkyway - Cilleborgs Ferrets
Miss Piggy Cilleborgs Miss Piggy White Boo Wombat - AngelFerrets
Scooter Cilleborgs Scooter White Boo Wombat - Lone christensen
Gonzo Cilleborgs Gonzo White Boo Wombat - Cilleborgs Ferrets
Kermit Cilleborgs Kermit White Boo Wombat - Cilleborgs Ferrets
Robin Cilleborgs Robin White Boo Wombat - Cilleborgs Ferrets

Medical history

Case Date Confirmed by vet
Suprelorin implant 4.7mg 8/6/2015 yes