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jeani (AngelicAngoras)

Username: AngelicAngoras
Full name jeani
Residence: norwich
Country: United kingdom

AngelicAngoras has registered as a breeder

Name of ferretry: Angelicferrets
Startup year: 2009
Goal: To breed healthy, solid, good tempered ferrets.

jeani owns 12 ferrets.

Angelicferrets Three Musketeers Aramis : Aramis BRILLIANT FERRETS DEBBIE : Debbie AngelicFerrets Lord Of The Rings Gandalf : Gandalf
Domino Moon's Leila : Leila Bunch of Colours Aragon : Otto Angelicferrets Solo : Solo
Ferret Madness Optimus : Angelicferrets Rainbow Dash : RocknRoll Marquise :
Angelicferrets Mia n Me MO : Angelicferrets Diamond : Dominomoons ferretry melchor :

AngelicAngoras is the breeder of 11 ferrets.

Angelicferrets Ginger Biscuit : Ginger Angelic ferrets : Honeydew Angelicferrets Three Musketeers Aramis : Aramis
Angelic Ferrets twilight sparkle : Sparkles Angelicferrets Rainbow Dash : Angelicferrets Mia n Me MO :
Angelicferrets Diamond : angelic ferrets davey jones : Angelic Ferrets Benjamin Bunny :
Angelic Ferrets Buttercup : Angelic Ferrets Rosetta Fairy :

jeani has registered 2 other ferrets.

Dominomoon ferretrys Rainbow Dynamite : Virginia from Exotic Star Ferrets :