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Zac JJ Leathem (CatLeathem)

Username: CatLeathem
Full name Zac JJ Leathem
Country: United kingdom

CatLeathem has registered as a breeder

Name of ferretry: Fuzzy Frenzy Ferrets
Startup year: 2017
Description: A small Hobby breeder who breeds to keep the ferrets as family, plan to breed once every 5 years for a Gentle loving temperament and good health. Any breeding ferret will be as health tested as is available at that time (currently available - Baer testing, Blood testing, CT Scan, Xrays, Faecal tests, Fertility testing, Eye test, faecal test for parasites and ultrasound)

Zac JJ Leathem owns 33 ferrets.

Soul of Aragon: Aladar : Aladar Chester Exotics Aragon : Aragon Fairoak's Bori : Artax
Soul of Aragon: Asriel : Asriel Fuzzy Frenzies Aurora : Aurora Fuzzy Frenzies Baelfire : Baelfire
Fuzzy Frenzies Bellamy : Bellamy Fuzzy Frenzies Brom : Brom Fuzzy Frenzies Caspian : Caspian
Fuzzy Frenzies Durza : Durza Pearcing Sky Ferretry's Lucy Heartfilia : Elora Soul of Aragon: Emrys : Emrys
Fuzzy Frenzies Eep : Evolet Fuzzy Frenzies Fleur : Fleur Fuzzy Frenzies Gurgi : Gurgi
Fuzzy Frenzies Guinevere : Gwen Fuzzy Frenzies Hex : Hex Fuzzy Frenzies Tic'tic : Hiccup
Fuzzy Frenzies Kenai : Kenai AK ferrets - Lumos : Lumos Angora Ferrets Luna : Luna
Legacy of Ferrets Maeve : Lyra Soul of Aragon: Mordred : Mordred Folly bridge Narcissa? : Narcissa
Fuzzy Frenzies Newt Scamander : Newt Fuzzy Frenzies Nymphadora : Nym Fuzzy Frenzies Octavia : Octavia
Fuzzy Frenzies Rain : Rain Fuzzy Frenzies Rue : Rue Fuzzy Frenzies Selkie : Selkie
Folly Bridge Ripper : Severus Soul of Aragon: Sorsha : Sorsha Fuzzy Frenzies Torak : Torak

CatLeathem is the breeder of 5 ferrets.

Soul of Aragon: Aladar : Aladar Soul of Aragon: Asriel : Asriel Soul of Aragon: Emrys : Emrys
Soul of Aragon: Mordred : Mordred Soul of Aragon: Sorsha : Sorsha

Zac JJ Leathem has registered 8 other ferrets.

Eu polecats northumberlands Duke : Duke legacy of Ferrets : Eaden Fuzzy Frenzies Errol : Hayden
Eu polecats northumberland Hob : Hob Eu polecats northumberland Jill : Jill Eu polecats Northumberlands Lady : Lady
Fuzzy Frenzies Pantalaimon : Moondancer Fuzzy Frenzies Roran : Roran