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Elegance-Dream kennel (Dreamsilver)

Username: Dreamsilver
Full name Elegance-Dream kennel
Country: Russia
Web site:

Dreamsilver has registered as a breeder

Name of ferretry: Elegance-Dream
Startup year: 2013

Elegance-Dream kennel owns 12 ferrets.

FlyFerretry Barney : Barney Golden Ferret Iny-Yan Bess : Bess Charisma : Charisma
Dashely : Dashely Fluffy Brilliant Galantny Gungster from Ferret City : Hans Malen'koe chudo Yurmala My Lubimetc : Mulytya
Golden Ferret Shade : Shade Snezsana snow queen
Malen'koe chudo Yahont My Lubimetc : Yahont Golden Ferret Happy History : Elegance-Dream Brilliance Fizz :

Dreamsilver is the breeder of 4 ferrets.

Elegance Ambiance : Amby Elegance-Dream Brilliance Fizz : Elegance Dream Beata :
Elegance Dream Be My Lady :

Elegance-Dream kennel has registered 11 other ferrets.

Elegance Ambiance : Amby Silverfret Sultan : Sultan Fluffy Brilliant Holli from Ferret City :
Angoraferretry Teddy : Angoraferretry Mikaela : Dirty Harry Vom Herzogshof :
Gisel Kiki SilverStar : Elegance Dream Beata : Elegance Dream Be My Lady :
Golden ferret Udacha : Baltimor Sunshine Ferret :