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Elisa Benedetti (Elislipkn)

Username: Elislipkn
Full name Elisa Benedetti
Residence: Italy
Country: Italy
Web site:

Elislipkn has registered as a breeder

Name of ferretry: La Rosa d'Inverno
Startup year: 2009
Description: We breed angora and half angora ferrets. The kits grow up, following the natural heat. All the kits eat raw food, like quails, chicks, rats, mice and so on..
Goal: make safe angora lines. we avoid inbreeding and we don't breed special colours like panda, dew, blaze.

Elisa Benedetti owns 12 ferrets.

Cleopatra della Rosa d'Inverno : Cleopatra Coral of Dragonfly Ferrets : Coral Coral X Raphael
Desdemona-Emma from Isa France : Desdemona Normandy SR-3 Eva : Eva Gabriel Mocho van Dancing with ferrets : Gabriel
Magenta of Dragonfly Ferrets : Magenta Nespola Ophelia
Raphaël : Raphaël Rascal : Rascal Semolino

Elislipkn is the breeder of 10 ferrets.

Archie Cleopatra della Rosa d'Inverno : Cleopatra Johann Heinrich Füssli della Rosa d'Inverno*It : Füssli
Petunia della Rosa d’inverno : Kira Lea J'adore Rosa D'inverno+It : Lea Loverdose della Rosa d' Inverno : Love
Harold F. Shipman della Rosa d'Inverno : Magnus Bane Narciso della Rosa d'Inverno : Narciso Serafino Rosa D'inverno*It : Serafino
Pinguicula della Rosa d’inverno : Yuki

Elisa Benedetti has registered 20 other ferrets.

A - Kira's Mother : A - Kira's Mother Adam of Winter Rose : Adam B - Kira's Father
Ben Beryl of Black Ferrets : Beryl C - Nonna materna di Kira
D - Nonno Materno di Kira Donder E - NonnaPaterna di Kira
F - Nonno Paterno di Kira jhonny Kira : Kira
Lady Lilou Madi
Merlino : Merlino Mies : Mies Rambo
Scien Sterre von Dancing Whit Ferrets Nl : Sterre