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Esja Noort (Fretamine)

Username: Fretamine
Full name Esja Noort
Residence: Nieuwegein
Country: Netherlands
Web site:

Fretamine has registered as a breeder

Name of ferretry: Fretamine
Startup year: 2003
Description: Selective home breeder. We breed Angora, special markings and solid colors. Health and character is our first concern. Beauty takes second place but is absolutely important, because eventually is that why we breed these special colors.
Goal: We try to improve or keep intact that what already exists.

Esja Noort owns 1 ferrets.

Fretamine's Icarus : Icarus

Fretamine is the breeder of 9 ferrets.

Fretamine's Charlie Brown Fretamine's Morella Fretamines Countach : Frodo
Jumper Fretamine : Jumper Pinsel Fretamine*NL : Pinsel Scotch Whiskey Fretamine : Scotch Whiskey
Shadow van Fretamine : Shadow Morella Fretamine*NL : Kentaro Fretamine*NL :

Esja Noort has registered 0 other ferrets.