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Malene Veje (Malene)

Username: Malene
Full name Malene Veje
Residence: Esbjerg
Country: Denmark
Web site:

Malene Veje owns 6 ferrets.

Noccalula's Adorable Balearic : Bali Starshine Ferrets Cerulean Dust Devil : Cerulean REJ Ferrets Fatkin Falling into You : Fatkin
Hector Ichabod MMD Milkyways Brontë : Piper

Malene Veje has registered 14 other ferrets.

Nightshade's The Sound of Silence : Amelia Noccalula's Devoted Caspian : Caspian Noccalula's Affectionate Chiloe : Chiloe
Nightshade's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds : Hännikäinen Noccalula's Dedicated Kara : Kara Faithful Kiara : Kiara
Noccalula's Beloved Little Koro : Lillemand Nightshade's A Whiter Shade of Pale : Lita Nightshade's Purple Haze : Ohmu
Nightshade's Sunshine of Your Love : Onerva Nightshade's Whole Lotta Love : Rollo Noccalula's Caring Pechora : Rosa
Nightshade's Piece of My Heart : Sofia Noccalula's Cherishing Molucca :