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Anya Barclay (PrimHillFerretry)

Username: PrimHillFerretry
Full name Anya Barclay
Residence: West Yorkshire
Country: United kingdom

PrimHillFerretry has registered as a breeder

Name of ferretry: Prim Hill Ferretry
Startup year: 2020
Description: A newly started hobby breeder of standards, hybrids and angoras. Before anything, my ferrets are very much loved members of my family, and their wellbeing is my absolute priority. In addition to breeding, I also regularly attend shows which I thoroughly enjoy.
Goal: I have many goals for the coming years, however my goal for 2022 is to produce a new generation of well structured, temperamentally sound kits to add to my showing team.

Anya Barclay owns 38 ferrets.

The Bay Watch Litter BY WYF : Alvara DCF Amaris : Amaris Arthas The Lich King : Arthus
PHF Bacardi : Bacardi TGOCIF Barbary : Barbary TGOCIF's Bella : Bella
Fleming's Bentley : Bentley PHF Brock : Brock Finesse Ferrets' Casper : Casper
Wigmas Fuzzies Cera : Cera Wigmas Fuzzies Clover : Clover RAF's Clutch : Clutch
Wigmas Fuzzies Gravy : Elwin DCF Fergus : Fergus PHF Fish : Fish
PHF Flying Spur : Flying Spur PHF Gin : Gin Fleming's Anya : Mara
PHF Marigold : Marigold PHF Minka : Minka Chicken Run Litter ByWyf : MissTweedy
DHF: Crash : Noush PHF Nutmeg : Nutmeg Tattoo Fixer's Paisely By WYF : Paisely
Pandora : Pandora Raya & The Last Dragon's Water Dragon's ByWYF : Pranee DCF Primrose : Primrose
Fnf’s Callipo : Raven Finesse Ferrets' Coral : Shanty PHF Spice : Spice
DHF: Alvin : Stark PHF Thyme : Thyme PHF Uhtred : Uhtred
PHF Venus : Venus The Outlanders Vitani By WYF : Vitani DCF Wolfie : Wolfie
The Dulux Cream's By WYF : Wren (Porcelain Doll) Ssp Kiara :

PrimHillFerretry is the breeder of 28 ferrets.

PrimHillFerretry Arizona : Arizona PHF Arnage : Arnage PHF Azure : Azure
PHF Bacardi : Bacardi PHF Bentayga : Bentayga PHF Brandy : Brandy
PHF Brooklands : Brooklands PHF Cayenne : Cayenne PHF Chilli : Chilli
PrimHillFerretry Dakota : Dakota PHF Elliot : Elliot PHF Finan : Finan
PHF Flying Spur : Flying Spur PHF Gin : Gin PHF Ginger : Ginger
PHF Jager : Jager PHF Ketak : Ketak PHF Saffron : Malibu
PHF Marigold : Marigold PHF Nutmeg : Nutmeg Prim Hill Ferretry's Candyfloss : Quill
PHF Rum : Rumble PHF Tequilla : Tequilla PHF Continental : Thor
PHF Thyme : Thyme PHF Uhtred : Uhtred PHF Whisky : Whisky
PHF Wraith : Wraith

Anya Barclay has registered 7 other ferrets.

PHF Arnage : Arnage RGB black hob : Black hob RGB black jill : Black jill
PHF Brooklands : Brooklands test : test test 2 : test 2
PHF Whisky : Whisky