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Username: Shaanroo
Full name -----
Residence: Sheffield
Country: United kingdom

Shaanroo has registered as a breeder

Name of ferretry: Meirley Oak Ferretry
Startup year: 2017

Shaanroo owns 6 ferrets.

Frisky Business Ferretry's Autumn : Autumn Frisky Business Ferretry's Ember : Ember Karma
Sky byWYF : Sky Midnight Ferretry’s Black Storm : Storm Frisky Business Ferretry’s Yarraman : Yarraman

Shaanroo is the breeder of 2 ferrets.

Meirley Oak Ferretry’s Secret : Tempest Storm Meirley Oak Ferretry’s Hush : White Nile

Shaanroo has registered 11 other ferrets.

Asha Black self hob Ember x yarraman
Eu hob vinnie Bunch of Colors Lord Loxley : Lord Loxley Darksideferrets oreo : Oreo
Sandy micro hob Silver Jill GM Silver standard jill
Stan byWYF Stella byWYF : Stella