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Shannon Day (Shannon-1998)

Username: Shannon-1998
Full name Shannon Day
Residence: Worcestershire
Country: United kingdom
Web site:

Shannon-1998 has registered as a breeder

Name of ferretry: FurryNoodleFerrets
Startup year: 2020
Description: We breed standards and angoras In Worcestershire uk.
Goal: We aim to have happy and healthy ferrets, who are fed on the best diet as well as improve the line of angoras.

Shannon Day owns 16 ferrets.

Working Line : Allie RAF Bea : Bea Midnight ferretrys choo choo : Dr Dooks
Wigmas Fuzzies Ducky : Ducky FNF’s Watermelon : Little Lady DCF Dolly Mixture : Mazikeen
FNF’s McFlurry : Mcflurry The Winter Litter ByWYF Jack Frost : Mr Whippy Fleming’s Caprice : Pickle
Working Line : Pongo Ringo des Urban’s Ferrets : Ringo FNF’s Diego : Ronald
DCF’s Sakura : Sakura Fleming’s Ferrets Sienna : Sprout Squish : Squish
WYF's Victoria Leeds : Valeera

Shannon-1998 is the breeder of 16 ferrets.

FNF’s Flake : Bellatrix FNF’s Strawberry : Bluebelle FNF’s Luther : Brock
FNF’ The Handler : Crumbelina DiCaramello FNF’s Grace : Darla FNF’s Number5 : Draco
FNF's Lila : Farren FNF’s Sundae : Ginny FNF's Alison : Gracey
FNF’s Watermelon : Little Lady FNF’s McFlurry : Mcflurry Fnf’s Callipo : Raven
FNF’s Diego : Ronald FNF’s Twister : Ursula FNF's Vanya : Vanya
FNF’s Banana :

Shannon Day has registered 3 other ferrets.

Test kit Champagne : Working Line Hob Silver : Working Line Jill