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Laura Mackenzie-Hawkins (The-Guild-of-Calamitous-Intent)

Username: The-Guild-of-Calamitous-Intent
Full name Laura Mackenzie-Hawkins
Residence: Manchester
Country: United kingdom

The-Guild-of-Calamitous-Intent has registered as a breeder

Name of ferretry: The Guild of Calamitous Intent Ferretry
Startup year: 2019
Goal: I have kept Ferrets myself for 25 years. In 2018 I decided that I I finally had the extra time to dedicate to breeding after bring up 2 children with Aspergers and ADHD.year I decided to breed. We aim to breed healthy, happy and well socialised Kits. We Breed mainly for ourselves to keep. Our Ferrets are both Pets and Workers. Just because they work doesn't make them any less our beautiful and loving family pets.

Laura Mackenzie-Hawkins owns 37 ferrets.

Royal Angora Ferretry's Bez : Bez TGOCIF Boudica : Boudica Royal Angora Ferretry's Brody : Brody
Bruce Campbell : Bruce Miss Marvel : Camila Cassidy of TGOCIF : Cassidy
Fifty shades chandler bing : Chandler Colin Robinson at TGOCIF : Colin Robinson Doug at TGOCIF : Doug
Ebony : Ebony NWA Eevah : Eevah Gary at TGOCIF : Gary
PHF Ginger : Ginger DDF Hermione : Hermione TGOCIF Angelic Lara : Lara
Darkside Laszlo of TGOCIF : Laszlo Lila at TGOCIF : Lila Lilith of TGOCIF : Lilith
DCF Lois : Lois DookingMad Geal : Lutra Nadja of TGOCIF : Nadja
Natalia Romanova : Natalia The Comic Book Villains By WYF : Poison Ivy Regina at TGOCIF : Regina
Dances with Ferrets Starlet : Scarlet Skye Herr Starr at TGOCIF : Starr Surrey Ferretry's Lady Sylvie : Sylvie
TGOCIF Arch Bishop Ted : Ted Riverside Yorkie : Thorin Darkside Tilda of TGOCIF : Tilda
Ferrets and Friends (TOYOTA) : Toyota Trianna at TGOCIF : Trianna Tulip of TGOCI : Tulip
Valkyrie at TGOCIF : Valkyrie CJ Parker BY WYF : ZoŽ (The Baywatch Litter) NWA »ostre : »ostre
»sme at TGOCIF : »sme

The-Guild-of-Calamitous-Intent is the breeder of 10 ferrets.

TGOCIF Angelica : Angelica TGOCIF Barbary : Barbary TGOCIF's Bella : Bella
TGOCIF Boudica : Boudica TGOCIF Angry Goku : Goku TGOCIF Angelic Lara : Lara
TGOCIF Arctic Sable : Sable TGOCIF Angel Spirit : Spirit TGOCIF Arch Bishop Ted : Ted
TGOCIF Able Vegeta : Vegeta

Laura Mackenzie-Hawkins has registered 1 other ferrets.

TGOCIF Angelica : Angelica