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Heather Johnstone (TheFuzzyForce)

Username: TheFuzzyForce
Full name Heather Johnstone
Country: United kingdom

TheFuzzyForce has registered as a breeder

Name of ferretry: The Fuzzy Force
Startup year: 2017

Heather Johnstone owns 25 ferrets.

Ferrets and Friends (JAGUAR) : Alucard Atem Fuzzy Force’s Aughra : Aughra
Chicken Run Litter Bunty By WYF : Bisca Chucky Duke
Erza Pretzel of Flemings Ferrets : Fenneko Genos
Sean's Piper : Jericho Juvia Laxus
Lisanna Rumbling Spirit's Balladeer : Matrona Fuzzy Force’s Meliodas : Meliodas
Mey-Rin Mustang Pharaoh
Fuzzy Force’s Retsuko : Retsuko Riza Rukia
Seras Fuzzy Force’s Sylvan : Sylvan Fuzzy Force’s Tsunoda : Tsunoda

TheFuzzyForce is the breeder of 7 ferrets.

Fuzzy Force’s Aughra : Aughra Fuzzy Force’s Azura : Azura Fuzzy Force's Vaermina : Kraken
Fuzzy Force’s Meliodas : Meliodas Fuzzy Force’s Retsuko : Retsuko Fuzzy Force’s Sylvan : Sylvan
Fuzzy Force’s Tsunoda : Tsunoda

Heather Johnstone has registered 6 other ferrets.

Fuzzy Force’s Azura : Azura Pole Jill Polecat jill
Sandy Hob Silver Hob Test