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Holly (ThePembrokeshireFerretry)

Username: ThePembrokeshireFerretry
Full name Holly
Residence: Wales UK
Country: United kingdom
Web site: http://https://www.facebook.com/ThePembrokeshireFerretry/

ThePembrokeshireFerretry has registered as a breeder

Name of ferretry: The Pembrokeshire Ferretry
Startup year: 2020
Description: Small Hobbyist Breeder currently based in the little Town of Pembrokeshire.
Goal: My Goal is to produce top quality, Working and Show worthy: Standard, Angora and EU/Hybrid Kits at affordable prices for everyone. I am a dedicated and passionate Breeder, who takes my Hobby very seriously.

Holly owns 10 ferrets.

South Wales Ferretry’s ‘Arabella’ : Arabella Dragonheart Ferretry’s ‘Brown Bear’ : Bear The Pembrokeshire Ferretry’s ‘Mystical Imp.’ : Bree
Rhondda Valley Angora Ferretry’s ‘Mr Creamy’ : Caramac The Pembrokeshire Ferretry’s ‘Prince Of New Orleans’ : Elijah West Yorkshire Ferretry’s ‘Jasmine’ : Jasmine
Tenby Ferretry’s: Moon Knight : Khonshu Midnight Ferretry’s ‘Pumba’ : Pumba The Carmarthenshire Ferretry’s ’Welsh Gunner’ : Trigger
Royal Angora Ferretry’s ‘Black Magic’ : Willow

Holly has registered 0 other ferrets.