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Username: chloemorleyf
Full name -----
Residence: BRISTOL, UK
Country: United kingdom

chloemorleyf has registered as a breeder

Name of ferretry: Foxglove Ferretry
Startup year: 2020
Goal: Breeder of Miniature and Standard Ferrets. Based in Bristol, UK. My breeding aims are health and longevity first and foremost. With other focus being happy, beautiful ferrets with fantastic robust body type and great temperaments. Sizes from miniature to small standard, ‘bug’ eyes and button noses being a classic miniature trait I’d like to keep in my lines.

chloemorleyf owns 27 ferrets.

Follybridge Ferret’s Maurice : Bear MMF Bramble : Bramble Nurton’s Bramley : Bramley
SharLowes Miss Honey : Brandi Royal Angora Ferretry's Caesar : Caesar Calypso for Foxglove : Calypso
Foxglove’s Cosmo : Cosmo Riverside Ferretry's May : Dolly Fangtastic Ferrets:Briar : Franklin
Kola for Foxglove : Kola Fairoak's Yennefer : Layla Fairoak's Cirilla : Lottie
Fortfield Ferretry's Spaghetti : Maple Fosseway Ferrets Perrin : Marley Fairoak's Ditsy : Minnie
Fosseway Ferrets Loial : Moose Riverside Peaches for Foxglove : Peaches Foxglove’s Precious Pepsi : Pepsi
Bandit Ferretry's Doughnut : Phoenix Foxglove’s Precious Pickle : Pickle Foxglove’s Precious Pippin : Pippin
Follybridge Ferret’s Grizabella : Pixie Polar for Foxglove : Polar Foxglove Ferret’s Rory : Rory
Foxglove Ferret’s Ruby : Ruby Rose's Ferretry Korben Dallas : Teddy Foxglove’s Wanda : Wanda

chloemorleyf is the breeder of 5 ferrets.

Foxglove’s Cosmo : Cosmo Foxglove’s Precious Pepsi : Pepsi Foxglove’s Precious Pickle : Pickle
Foxglove’s Precious Pippin : Pippin Foxglove’s Wanda : Wanda

chloemorleyf has registered 5 other ferrets.

albino hob for Nurton champagne jill Riverside’s Olaf : Olaf
silver jill for Nurton : silver jill (sister 1) Alacrity’s Storm : Storm