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[20000] C&E , statistics [show pedigree]
Number of ancestors in the database 126
Number of generations 10
Number of complete generations 2
Number of descendants in the database 1
Age (all ferrets) Average: 14.44 years, median: 15.6 years (83 ferrets total).
Age (deceased ferrets) Average: 5.61 years, median: 5.25 years ( 7 ferrets with date of death registered).
Inbreeding coefficient 0.0065%
contributions from...
ferret levels percentage
[2169] Tussi : 9, 10 0.0%
[5875] Aviator Ferpharm : Aviator 7, 8 0.006%
Polecat percentage 0.7812%
Color genetics
color P(carrier) P(unknown)
albino 0.00% / 12.25% 23.32%
silver / dew 0.00% / 0.00% 0.00%
cinnamon 50.00% / 50.00% 0.00%
champagne 0.00% / 100.00% 18.75%
chocolate 100.00% / 28.57% 35.71%
black self 0.00% / 0.00% 29.46%
sable 62.50% / 78.58% 29.46%

name born owner generation
United Ferrets Gisele ( Gisele ) 15/4/2015 2
Died: 18/11/2020 Reason: Unknown reason
Necropsy was not performed
Other comments: Kidney failure
name born owner generation
Laer Belli e Monelli ( Bishamon ) 30/3/2015 2
Died: 4/1/2020 Reason: Respiratory failure
Necropsy was performed
Report: Purulent pneumonia (lungs with numerous abscesses) and abscess in the jaw (possible cause of the disease).
Other comments: 100ml bloody fluid in the chest.
name born owner generation
Golden Ferret Shirley at Fairoak ( Clementine ) 7/4/2012 3
Died: 9/1/2017 Reason: Clementine died during anaesthesia to have a dead tooth removed. She sadly did not wake up from the operation.
Necropsy was not performed
name born owner generation
Territory of Weasel Furor at Fairoak ( Geralt ) 27/3/2013 3
splenomelagy Date: 2.11.2018 Confirmed by a vet
Pathology Elevated White blood count
Comments Swollen Spleen noticed a month prior, confirmed at Vets.
lymphoma Date: 3.12.2018 Confirmed by a vet
Pathology High white blood cell count
Comments Confirmed Lymphoma of the spleen. Cannot be operated due to Anesthetic allergy. Managed with pred.
Died: 2/5/2019 Reason: Lymphoma of spleen
Necropsy was not performed
name born owner generation
Nutella Ferret Faintasy*France ( Nutella ) 6/2012 3
Died: 19/9/2017 Reason: Unknown reason
Necropsy was performed
Report: soffocamento carne
name born owner generation
'Ravenhearts' Caiphirina 7/5/2010 4
Nerve paralysis Date: 0.0.2014 Confirmed by a vet
Pathology Temporary partial paralysis of the hind paws by trauma.
Comments Treated with antibiotics. Healed 2014.
Salivary mucocele Date: 0.0.2015 Confirmed by a vet
Pathology Ranula (Mucocele under the tongue) and other symptoms.
Comments Treated successful surgically and medically. Healed 2016.
adrenal disease Date: 0.5.2017 Confirmed by a vet
Pathology Paralysis of hind legs and alopecia.
Comments Is treated with Suprelorin® implant.
abscess Date: 0.0.2015 Confirmed by a vet
Pathology Chipped canine tooth (Left).
Comments Removed Surgically due to infection. Healed 2016.
ear infection Date: 1.9.2017 Confirmed by a vet
Comments Is treated with ear drops
Died: 16/4/2018 Reason: Euthanasia.
Necropsy was not performed
name born owner generation
Malen'koe Chudo Elizabeth ( Betty ) 8/7/2008 5
Died: 17/5/2013 Reason: Euthanasia
Necropsy was performed
Report: Megaoesophagus